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People around the world enjoy flying to Australia for the holidays. The warm weather, beautiful, highly varied terrain, and all of the amazing wildlife here make it an incredible destination. Of course, if you’re planning a trip to Australia during this busy tourist season, you might be bracing yourself for lots of crowds, long lines, and a lot of hassles that you really don’t want to deal with when you’re trying to enjoy some time off with the people you love. Fortunately, though, if you choose accommodation in Stanthorpe at Boulevard Motel and follow these handy travel tips, you’ll be able to skip all the stress and get straight to relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

Plan Ahead – Book Your Trip and Hotel Early

First of all, you’ll get the best rates on airfare if you book your flight a minimum of six months in advance. Second, if you’re planning on staying in a Stanthorpe hotel, you’ll want to ensure that you can book the right room for yourself and your family. Boulevard Motel has a variety of rooms to meet your needs, whether you’re travelling alone, with your spouse, or with the whole family.

The spacious and beautifully decorated rooms here are designed to accommodate anywhere from two to five people comfortably, and they feature a number of amenities, including air conditioning, wireless broadband Internet, coffee and tea services in each room, and much more. Planning ahead and booking in advance will ensure that you get the perfect room and that you’ll have nothing to worry about when you arrive.

Stanthorpe is less than a three-hour drive from Brisbane International Airport, so you should have plenty of time to get to the hotel and settle in for the night when you arrive. Depending on when your flight arrives, you may even be able to take a leisurely stroll to one of the delicious restaurants in the area, as your accommodation will be centrally located in Stanthorpe CBD.

Pack for a Mild Summer Trip

As you get ready to leave, you won’t want to pack a lot of heavy winter clothing, as you’ll be travelling to Australia during the peak of summer here. However, you should be aware that Stanthorpe has very mild summers, so you might want to include some jeans and a sweater for evening outdoor activities.

Plan to Visit Applethorpe and Other Destinations in the Granite Belt

When you arrive at your hotel in Stanthorpe, you’ll no doubt want to relax and enjoy yourself for a while, but you won’t want to stay put for very long. There’s a lot to see and do in the area. Boulevard Motel is near Applethorpe, and here you’ll be able to tour apple farms and juice factories, pick your own apples, and more. You’ll also have some of the best backpacking opportunities in Queensland in this area, as well.

The Granite Belt is a beautiful destination for nature lovers, as it’s known for its expansive granite shoals, gorgeous flowers, and beautiful views. You’ll have no shortage of breathtaking things to see and fun things to do for the whole family when you stay in a motel in Stanthorpe.

Planning a vacation in Australia should be easy and fun, and when you stay at Boulevard Motel, you’ll enjoy all of the amenities you could ask for from any motel in Applethorpe or Stanthorpe. If you want to really relax and enjoy your holiday vacation, choose this amazing destination and the best hotel in the area. You won’t have any crowds or hassles, and you’ll have lots to see and do.

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