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As you surf the web seeking accommodation for your upcoming holiday, you are faced with a seemingly endless number of options. Your goal is the ideal Stanthorpe hotel or motel to meet your needs as a traveller. But how do you know which to choose?

Reviews from previous guests certainly help, and TripAdvisor is a great place to start. But beyond that, there are a few key points to examine that will assist you in selecting the perfect hotel to meet your needs. And even better, these tips can be applied when looking for the best accommodation in Stanthorpe or anywhere else in Queensland, Australia, and beyond.

Consider holiday or business travel

What to look for in your Stanthorpe hotel or motel will depend heavily on what kind of travel you’re planning. For a family holiday, you will want a room which can comfortably hold your group. The right amount of beds is vital, but space is important as well. Opt for accommodation which allows everyone to move around and happily make themselves at home.

Those travelling for work will need to source lodging that offers support for their business-related activities. In this day and age, WiFi is essential, but in-room amenities that can make your stay easier will also be highly valuable. Boulevard Motel provides everything a traveller may need during their stay, and if we don’t have something you require, just ask, and we’ll move mountains to get it for you.

Go where the CBD meets nature

Stanthorpe is a lovely area, and any visit to the region will call for an encounter with nature. Yet, most visitors enjoy the convenience of being quite close to restaurants and shops (walking distance that is), as well as perfectly positioned next door to the beautiful Quart Pot Creek and parklands, Boulevard Motel rooms overlook the creek and provide a relaxing and tranquil experience for all. The parklands consist of many walking tracks that capitalise on the natural environment that surrounds us and suit the activity level of any walker. For that reason, the best accommodation offers a blend of both worlds; it’s where the CBD seamlessly meets the outdoors. Your best bet is to select a hotel that boasts a prime location and also incorporates nature and the great outdoors into their property. This is exactly what is meant by the phrase “location, location, location!”

Look for luxury in simplicity

A luxury travel experience does not have to require a large bill. Instead of looking at luxury accommodation as something for a special occasion, or something only attainable for the wealthy, consider redefining how you view luxury. Sometimes luxury travel is less about expense and more about the beauty of a simple and comfortable stay. Luxury is about having your needs met and your desires catered to. At Boulevard Motel, our well-appointed guest rooms deliver a luxurious and rejuvenating experience without the exorbitant prices of other establishments. Your comfort is our priority and your positive experience is our ultimate goal.

Choose a business that prizes quality above all

Luxury is also about outstanding service. Your visit to Stanthorpe will be immensely enhanced by a hotel that treats you with respect, offers personalised service, and anticipates your every need. We pride ourselves on providing this level of great service, and our high quality is something our customers have come to expect from our staff. In this way, we’re pleased to offer budget accommodation that doesn’t feel at all like a typical budget experience.

Seek peace and relaxation, no matter what your travel entails

The final tip for choosing the best Stanthorpe accommodation is to prioritise your own physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Whether you’re travelling on holiday or for business, every getaway deserves a touch of peace and relaxation. Whatever lodging you choose should present this in spades. With our location set right against Quart Pot Creek, you’ll find the quiet serenity necessary to help your stay in the region be its very best.

For more information or to book your upcoming stay with us, get in touch.

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