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Did you know that the Granite Belt has its own unique microclimate? Sitting at an altitude of more than 800m, the Granite Belt is unlike any other grape-growing region in Australia. If you consider that “less than 1% of Australian vineyards are located 600m above sea level,” it’s easy to understand how special this region is.

In fact, according to Halliday, the region is crowned as the only spot in Queensland to experience four differing seasons in one year.  In other words, the Granite Belt experiences everything from hot summer days to freezing winter nights, as well as spring frosts and heavy rainfall.

Wine Varieties Grown in Granite Belt

Halliday notes that Shiraz grapes were the first to be planted in the granite Belt in 1965. Since then, white and red varieties have been grown in almost equal amounts (roughly 45% white and 55% red). While Shiraz remains the region’s most distinctive variety, other prominent varieties include:

  • Verdelho
  • Semillon
  • Chardonnay
  • Cabernet sauvignon

Read more about the wine styles of the Granite Belt or come and visit Stanthorpe so you discover the incredible local wines for yourself!

Granite Belt: More Than Just Wine

In addition to wine, other goodies to sample during your visit to Stanthorpe and surrounding villages include locally made:

  • Olive oil and vinegar
  • Cheese
  • Meat pies and cured meats
  • Jams and preserves
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate

Read more about the Granite Belt Climate or if you are looking for accommodation in Stanthorpe, you can contact our reservations team or book online.

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