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What’s the difference between a motel and hotel? They sound similar, and on the surface, a hotel and a motel seem to offer the same product. However, there are subtle differences, and once you understand them you will be able to make an informed decision as to which one is more suitable for you.¬†Read on to discover the key differences between a hotel vs motel.


Often located in urban areas, hotels are designed for travellers who may need to stay for more than just a few nights. Compared to motels, they have more facilities and amenities on offer like restaurants, room service, a swimming pool, a spa, and other services tailored to the needs of holiday goers and business travellers. In most cases, a hotel also provides venues for meetings and conferences.

Hotels can be a single or multi-storied building. Some, particularly luxury and five-star hotels, have multiple buildings in a single compound. A distinctive feature of all hotels is that their rooms open to the interior of the building.


What is a motel? The word “motel” is derived from the phrase “motorist’s hotel” and was used to describe “hotels” that were made especially for people travelling along highways. Motels are often located outside the centre of the city or town and are visible from main roads. Although many motels offer breakfast, they do not always have a restaurant on-site. Some don’t provide room service either. However, one advantage of motels is that their rates are usually significantly lower than hotel rates, making them a great choice for budget travellers.

Initially, the rooms of motels had doors facing the parking lot or had garages to make coming and going easy for guests. These days, this is not always the case as there are some motels that have room doors facing common areas. Some motels also have amenities similar to those offered by hotels such as swimming pool, room service, and laundry service.

Motel In Stanthorpe

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